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Voiceover Examples - Lynda Hanna

Alice in Wonderland Intro
Doodle beautiful ball gowns
Baby Fresh
Feathers and Patterns
Macys Promotion
Sallie sees Kenny
Single Word Compilation
What movie are the...
Can you close the door?
Voice Mail Messages
A hammer can harm a finger
Dora the Explorer
David was ill for two days

Disclaimer: Some samples not used for actual companies. They are there to showcase Lynda's voiceover talent.

Real World application by clients with our voiceovers


To read more about Lynda's voiceover services, you can go to her site at www.lyndahanna.com



Voiceover Examples - Joshua Hanna

Teacher's Bike is Broken
Instructional with Music
Instructional with Music 2
Dora Climbs the Stairs
Instructional with Music 3
K is for King
The Letter "C"
Finally, they find a...
One Day, Spongebob...

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